Lames Droites

Sink Rolls

Application :
Crop Shear Knives and Shear Blades are used for shearing of hot rolled and cold rolled carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper.

Material Grades :
AISI D3, D2, SR4, 1.2767, A8

Characteristics :

  • Longer life between regrinding
  • Sharp uniform shearing edge after regrind
  • Low downtime-high productivity
  • We also manufacture precision cutting tools with the thickness tolerance of 0.0015mm and flatness of 0.001mm depending on the OD and thickness. This is possible with our precise Lapping Machines for finish up to 0.2 Ra
  • We have manufacturing facility to produce sizes up to 600mm in diameter and for slit up to 24mm thick coils
  • Cutting capacity ranging from 0.1mm to 24mm thick strip
  • Optimum hardness for wear resistance
  • Closer tolerances & special surface finishes are also possible
  • An in-house Deep Cryogenic Treatment gives the knife a finer microstructure which enhances life of the tool

Rouleaux metallises