• Thermal Spray Powders

    Our hands-on experience and application know-how has helped us to understand the relation between the material, the process and the subsequent coating properties. FST offers a complete range of powders including Metals and Alloys, Composites, Ceramics and Carbides. To provide a more complete and quality driven service to our customers,

    Typical Thermal Spray Powder which FST offers are:


    • Pure: Cu, Al, Zn, Ni, Fe, Mo, W, etc...
    • Alloys: CuAl, NiCr, NiAl, NiAlMo, NiCrSiB, Steels, etc...
    • Super alloys: MCrAlY, Inconel, Stellite, Tribaloy, Hastelloy, etc..


    • Pure: Al2O3, TiO2, Y2O3, Cr2O3, ZrO2, etc...
    • Composite: Al2O3-TiO2, Cr2O3-TiO2 YSZ, ZrO2-Y2O3, etc...


    • Tungsten carbides: WC-CoCr, WC-Co, WC-Cr3C2-Ni, WC-Ni, WC-NiCrMoFeCo, etc..
    • Chrome carbides: Cr2C3-NiCr, Cr3C2-NiCrMoNb, etc…


    • AlSi-Polyester, Ni-Graphite, hBN-MCrAlY,

    logo HC Starck

    Flame Spray Technologies has formed a strategic alliance with H.C. Starck and is able to offer the H.C. Starck AMPERIT® product range.

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  • Thermal Spray Wires

    Thermal Spray Wires are mainly used in the electric arc spray process and the flame wire spray process. Flame Spray Technologies is offering a wide range of high quality thermal spray solid and cored wires including

    Typical Thermal Spray Wires which FST offers are:

    Pure metals

    • Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Molybdenum, etc...

    Metal alloys

    • Babbitt, Stainless steels, Brass CuAl, ZnAl, NiCr, NiAl, Monel, etc...

    Super alloys

    • Alloy 625, Alloy C-276, NiCrBSi, Ni-bas WC, FeCrBSi, FeCrMnSiB, Fe-base WC, etc…

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