Service center voor rollen


Roll Grinding

METHU Group is a leader in precision roll grinding. Our grinders are equipped with state of the art process controls allowing us to achieve close tolerance customer specifications. Equipment alone doesn't guarantee success; the skills of our craftsmen always make the difference.

We have the capability to grind various roll body shapes to tolerances of plus minus 0.005 mm. Roll body shape capabilities include straight, concave and convex profiles. We process roll diameters from 20 mm to 1000 mm. Our roll length capability is 6000 mm and we can handle roll weights up to 15000 kg.

Our roll grinding machine capabilities include the ability to grind various roll materials such as:

  • Forged Steel
  • Cast Steel
  • Tool Steel
  • Stellite Coated
  • Carbide Coated
  • Chrome Plated
  • Rubber Covered

Roll Turning

METHU Group provides a wide range of lathe turning solutions. We have conventional and CNC lathes capable of turning 20 mm to 1500 mm in diameter and lengths up to 8000 mm. Our capabilities include roll manufacturing as well as roll reconditioning.

Dynamic Balancing

METHU Group offers dynamic balancing utilizing state of the art equipment. We can balance to any specification down to ISO 1940-1 and can achieve balance quality grade G 0,4.
Our dynamic balancing equipment features fool proof touch screen control technology. We have the ability to handle rolls with diameters of up to 1000 mm (rotors up to 1600 mm) and lengths up to 6000 mm.


Reconditioning services for ALL manufactured brands of levelers.
Complete teardown, inspection, and reconditioning services. In addition, we can also upgrade your existing leveler.
Reconditioning services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Work Rolls and Intermediate Rolls
    After demounting and inspection of the rolls, we will provide you a detailed inspection report including minimum diameter and hardness of the roll bodies. Once we have your order confirmation, we will proceed to the regrinding of the rolls to the same diameter with a tolerance of plus minus 0.005 mm.
  • Backup Bearing Rebuild
    We specialize in backup bearing rebuilds and bearing regrinding, which can provide significant cost savings over new. We have direct interchanges with all OEM manufacturers backup bearings, as well as other secondary manufacturers of backup bearing components for levelers.
    Once assembled, the products undergo a final control to check the complete conformity. Besides the dimension control, all the necessary verifications are made to guarantee the correct functioning of the product according to the requirements.
  • Backup Supports
    We can recondition your existing assemblies by replacing worn components to reduce side thrust and eliminate premature wear to back-up bearings.
  • Jacks
    We supply independent adjust jacks, top frame jacks and the internal components to recondition them.

Tension Levelers

Reconditioning services for ALL manufactured brands of tension levelers.
We can repair or refurbish your modules to their original factory specifications.
Reconditioning services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Module Plates
    We indicate the module plate on a granite table to assure original design specifications. If needed, we will vertically stress relieve, and totally re-machine to original factory specifications. If we find that the bearing seats are in need of repair, we can apply a hardened weld overlay and then grind them back to original design specifications.
  • Work Rolls and Backup Roll Assemblies
    Work rolls and backup roll assemblies are reground and/or replaced, as needed. We engineer new replacement rolls and backups for virtually any manufacturer's module. In order to extend module life, we custom match roll material to the application, whether the application is carbon, stainless, aluminum, zinc, or copper.

Sink Roll and Stabilizer Roll Repair

METHU Group is your one-stop source for sink roll and stabilizer roll repair:

  • We perform chemical cleaning of all surfaces for inspection
  • Sink roll and stabilizer roll bodies are resurfaced
  • We weld overlay and remachine roll necks to drawing sizes
  • Regrinding or replacement of the stellite bushes.